15 Small Details You Missed In The Matrix Trilogy

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The Matrix is known worldwide for being one of the most groundbreaking trilogies in movie history. With CGI that couldn’t be beat and a story so timely that it holds up today, (not to mention making an action hero out of Keanu Reeves), we love The Matrix! With the recent announcement of the fourth installment, we thought we’d count down some of the coolest moments in the trilogy that you might not have even noticed the first time around. That’s right, there are so many hidden gems in all three movies that by the time this list is through you’ll be running to your DVD box set to start a marathon!
There are so many incredible moments, like the very last shot that features a shout out to the late Thomas Anderson, or the one real hack in pretty much any tech movie ever! There’s also raindrops that were made to look like the famous Matrix code, soap bubbles that foreshadow Neo’s future, an anagram for the Limbo that Neo finds himself in, and more biblical references than you can shake a pair of shiny leather pants at! There are Norse references to Ragnarok and a ship named after Thor’s hammer, a storyline taken straight from Greek Mythology, and the work of a French Philosopher that influenced the entire trilogy! Throw in some pop culture and some incredible foreshadowing from one movie to the next, and you’ll only begin to understand just how jam packed with hidden gems these movies rea

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