The Entire James Bond Timeline Explained

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James Bond, secret agent 007, has been taking down criminal organizations for decades and gaining massive props for his stylish approach to fighting crime. Eight different actors have played the iconic role and each of them brought their own unique flavour to agent 007. The stylish and charismatic character, created by Ian Flemming, has gained widespread popularity over the years and has become one of the most iconic heroes to grace the silver screen. From the early movies such as Dr. No to the latest film Spectre, Bond has always done two things really well: kick enemy butt and finesse his way into the hearts of women. We’ve seen Bond do battle with mad scientists, former KGB agents, and even a metal-toothed maniac known as Jaws. Bond has traverse the world, and even gone into space, making him not only the best secret agent on Earth — but the best secret agent in the universe, too! Bond has had many female companions over the years, and even got hitched that one time. Unfortunately, his marriage ended in tragedy — but not without Bond extracting his revenge! The James Bond character has undergone a few makeovers, and the Bond storyline has changed a little bit over the years, but remained pretty consistent up until recently. With the Daniel Craig era of Bond, we saw a few changes that didn’t correspond to the traditional Bond timeline — but it is to be noted that it didn’t stray too far from the original plot. But no matter how many makeovers and story changes occur, one thing is for sure: James Bond always comes out on top, and he does it with style and flare!

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