15 Times The Animals From Tiger King Showed Up In Hollywood Before Netflix

Netflix’s Tiger King wasn’t the first time these animals were on TV.
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The Netflix documentary, Tiger King, is full to the brim with a ton of wacky and interesting people. Seems the world of exotic animals just tends to attract those types of people.

Among them, is one that is honestly, sort of easy to forget when someone like Joe Exotic is on screen. I am of course talking about Doctor Bhagavan Antle, or simply Doc Antle for short.

While not as outwardly flamboyant and eccentric as Exotic, Antle is certainly a character.

And characters like him tend to fit right in in Hollywood. Which is good, because Antle has done some work on the silver screen.

Not as much as he has claimed in interviews, though, but still a pretty sizable amount of work.

And in this video, we are going to be taking a look at all of the major pieces of work that Doc Antle and his animals were involved in that we could track down. And even a few little projects that might surprise you.

From musical appearances to other documentaries to beloved 90’s comedies. These are some of the films that Doc Antle and his animals were involved in.

Let’s dive right into it!

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